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Boiling Springs is an environmental phenomenon and is one of the largest sand boil springs in the Midwest. It is a natural spring that is the headwaters of Eagle Creek. The Dakota Indians thought of it as a spiritual place.  The springs form a shallow pond and water occasionally surges with force out of the bottom of the pond making it look like the water is boiling.  This is actually water escaping through cracks in the earth’s bedrock and that is blocked by a layer of fine sand that plugs the crack.  Water pressure builds up eventually pushes the sand out of the way and erupts on the surface which makes it appear to be boiling.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources maintains a well-groomed path from the Eagle Creek Aquatics Management Area (AMA) adjacent to the campground to the Boiling Springs in the Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project area.

The path begins at the northwest corner of the campground.  Follow the mowed path closest to the campground alongside the marsh to the footbridge.  Cross the footbridge and stay right at the forks in the path.  Continue to follow this path through the wooded area.  You will come to a crosswalk at Independence Avenue.  Continue across the crosswalk and follow the path as it leads to a wooded area to your right where the Boiling Springs are located.

The hike is about 1.25 miles round trip and takes about 45-60 minutes to casually walk.  Please note that some of the path borders on the back of some residential properties.  Enjoy yourself!

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need insect repellent when the mosquitoes are in season.